Physics Topic: Electromagnetism

  1. Show an appreciation that a force might act on a current-carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field.

  2. Recall and solve problems using the equation F = BIL sin(theta), with the directions as interpreted by Fleming’s left-hand rule.

  3. Define magnetic flux density and the tesla.

  4. Show an understanding of how the force on a current-carrying conductor can be used to measure the flux density of a magnetic field using a current balance.

  5. Predict the direction of the force on a charge moving in a magnetic field.

  6. *Recall and solve problems using F = BQv sin(theta).

  7. *Describe and analyse deflections of beams of charged particles by uniform electric and uniform magnetic fields.

  8. *Explain how electric and magnetic fields can be used in velocity selection for charged particles.

  9. Sketch flux patterns due to a long straight wire, a flat circular coil and a long solenoid.

  10. Show an understanding that the field due to a solenoid may be influenced by the presence of ferrous core.

  11. Explain the forces between current-carrying conductors and predict the direction of the forces.

* Not included in the H1 syllabus.