Physics Topic: Waves

  1. Understand and use the terms displacement, amplitude, phase difference, period, frequency, wavelength and speed.

  2. Deduce, from the definitions of speed, frequency and wavelength, the equation velocity = frequency x wavelength.

  3. Recall and use the equation velocity = frequency x wavelength.

  4. Understand that energy is transferred due to a progressive wave.

  5. Recall and use the relationship intensity is directly proportional to (amplitude)2.

  6. Analyse and interpret graphical representations of transverse and longitudinal waves.

  7. Show an understanding that polarization is a phenomenon associated with transverse waves.

  8. Determine the frequency of sound using a calibrated CRO.

  9. Explain and use the principle of superposition in simple applications.

  10. Show an understanding of experiments which demonstrate stationary waves using microwaves, stretched strings and air columns.

  11. Explain the formation of stationary waves using a graphical method, and identify nodes and antinodes.

  12. Determine the wavelength of sound using stationary waves.